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Welcome to the PCDS Dads Club! Get Started Here.

What is the PCDS Dads Club?

The Dads Club is a way to get to know other dads at PCDS. Our mission is provide easy ways to (1) meet dads you wouldn’t normally meet, (2) find dads who share your interests, and (3) schedule activities, such as golf outings, tennis matches, mountain bike rides, expert talks, and poker games.

If you have questions about how to use this website, please scroll through the tutorial below or call our Help Line: 602-295-4967

Complete Your Profile | Join or Create a Group | Join or Create an Event

Complete Your Profile

If you haven’t already, click on My Dashboard in the menu bar to finish filling out your member profile. You can control who sees the information you provide, but rest assured that it won’t be visible to any non-members of the community.

Step 1: View Your Profile

You can easily view your profile at any time by clicking on My Dashboard in the menu bar.  Since you just joined the Dads Club, your profile probably looks something like this:

Step 2: Edit Your Profile

To edit your profile, simply click on Edit, below the word Profile in the black menu bar.  This will take you to a screen where you can add information about your interests, profession, kids, and more, as well as a profile and cover photo.  That process looks something like this:

It’s important to note that you can click the black Change button under each field to control who is able to see the information in your profile.  You can, for example, decide to share your interests with all members of the group, but only share your kids’ names with your friends.  While the Dads Club will take every possible precaution to safeguard your personal information, we cannot guarantee (nor can ANY website) that your data is uncompromisable.  If there is information that you don’t want publicly available, simply omit it from your profile.

Step 3: Find New Friends

Once you’ve updated your profile (or at any time, really) you can click on Members in the menu bar to view a list of all Dads Club members.  To add someone as a friend, just click the “Add Friend” button!  You can still enjoy all the features of the PCDS Dads Club site without adding any friends, this feature just gives you the ability to directly invite others to join your groups, and receive information about their activity on your front page.

Join or Create a Group

Crazy about cooking? Got a thing for golf? Regardless of your interests, we’ve got a group for you. And if we don’t, feel free to jump in and start a group yourself! Groups are a great way to network with other dads who share your interests and to plan social events.

Step 1: Browse Groups

To browse our existing groups, simply click on Groups in the menu bar.

Step 2: Join a Group

Joining an existing group is easy – just click on the Join Group button found on the Groups page.  Once you’ve joined a group, you can post updates, participate in forum discussions, and subscribe to daily or weekly email notifications of new activity in the group.

Step 3: Create a Group

Passionate about one of your interests and don’t see a group for it?  Start one!  All members of the PCDS Dads Club can create and lead groups, and groups can concern just about any subject, from sports teams to activities and anything else you can think of.  To create a group, simply click “Create Group” from the drop-down Groups menu at the top of the page.  When you create a group, you will automatically become its administrator; but don’t worry, this doesn’t make you responsible for the behavior of others.

After entering a name and description, you’ll be prompted to confirm or change a number of settings that relate to who can view and join the group, and which group members are allowed to invite others to join.  You can also choose how often members receive emails from the group (we recommend setting this to ALL, as individuals can change their preferences if they want), and set the profile and cover photos for the group during the creation process.  To quickly create a group, just accept the default public settings.  You can always change these settings later by going to the group’s page and clicking “Manage.”

Join or Add an Event

Any member of the PCDS Dads Club can submit an event for everyone or for the groups they belong to. Dinners, car washes, golf trips and tennis groups are all great examples of activities that other dads may be interested in.

Step 1: Browse Events

Browse currently scheduled events by visiting our Events Page.

From this page you can also search for events, and browse by month, week, or day views.

Step 2: Join an Event

See an event you’d like to attend?  Click on the event in the calendar to be taken to it’s page.  Here, you can view details about the event, contact information for the organizer, and RSVP your attendance.


Step 3: Add an Event

To add an event, click on “Create Event” in the Events drop-down menu.  You will be prompted to enter the details of your event, and assign the event to any group you are a member of.  If RSVPs are required for the event, be sure to enable registration for the event, and limit total seats available if necessary.

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